Our Story

Rose & Kell pioneered Urgent Care in Stafford County, Virginia in 1996 after helping setup a “Walk-In & Be Seen Clinic” in the early 90’s. Rose worked for a husband and wife duo who owned a walk-in and primary care clinic, and was inspired by the way they were able to see patients the same day, but also covered for one another to ensure continuity of care for all their patients. Rose developed the name for Urgent Care from Insurance Cards, the care offered co-pay of $50 for Urgent Care (Immediate Care Physician Office) or a co-pay of $200 for Emergency Care (A trip to the Emergency Room). A few months later Rose was reading an article in the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star, with the headline “If you build it...they will come” the article was addressing a physician shortage that was being created in the area. Rose & Kell took that article to the bank, and put their house up as collateral and got the thumbs up from the bank to start building Stafford County’s first urgent care. In 1997 Stafford Urgent Care opened its doors, and has been serving the area ever since, in the following year they opened Stafford Primary Care as a sister practice to better serve the community of Stafford County and ensure they were able to meet all the care needs of the community. With the support of this community they have been in business for over 20 years, and will be here for many years to come.